Climate, Culture, and Vision

It can feel very lonely to lead an organization – especially if you have not created a web of inclusion where the members of your organization believe they are members of team. This one on one session provides leaders with a framework to set their organizational climate, establish cultural goals, and establish an organizational vision based on character and and a sense of community that leads to powerful teams that can accomplish any challenge.

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Developing Teammates and Leaders to Strengthen Organizational Culture

The Vitruvian Teammate;  A program that enables leaders to self-actualize their own abilities and learn to build a strong team.

This course is designed for individual or group instruction. It is great for program team leaders and mid-level managers.

Phase I: Know yourself. Using an established strength finder technique published by Gallup, you will learn more about what your capabilities to lead or be a good teammate.

Phase II: Being a Servant-Leader. Using the philosophies developed by Robert Greenleaf we will discuss how you truly serve those you work with...character, culture, and commitment to each other.

Phase III: Building a team of teams. How have you built your team? How does your team contribute to the greater good of the organization?

Phase IV: How to Train an A$$hole. A toxic work environment can destroy any organization, whether it is the boss or just one of the do you "train an a$$hole."

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Change Management Leadership Training

Organizational Change is not a one-time event; it is a journey of innovation that never ends.

Change Management is also more than a list of acronyms behind someone's name; it is about Communication, Purpose, and Leadership. Leaders affect change; managers ensure the processes and procedures are effective.

Are your leaders ready to guide your organization through a change?

Let us prepare them for your success.

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Helping You Recon a Path

The transition from the military life you have known to the private sector is a daunting task. Let me help you find the path to success by sharing the things I have learned...both good and bad.

There are so many tools that they do not describe in the transition assistance program, but I can help you discover some of these hidden treasures.

Request a one-hour counseling - TOTALLY FREE - and we can start the recon of your next adventure; civilian life.

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Supporting the Foundation of your Organization

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Being the Servant Leader

  • Build Community within your Organization

  • Understand how to communicate with your team.

  • Build a shared Vision and Mission Statement

  • Be the example - Character Counts


A Professional Leader

  • Professionally knowledgeable of their craft

  • Empathetic to those around them

  • Aware of how they, personally, can be a better person/leader.

  • Strive daily to improve their organization, their teammates, and themselves. 

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Leaders Build Other Leaders

Helping leaders understand the value of committing to developing their team; develop them as people, as leaders, and experts. The legacy of a great leader is to create as many leaders as possible.