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Leadership and Organizational Development Professional

Leadership and Organizational Development are my life; nothing drives me more than providing a positive environment of talent development. It is important to create a culture of learning in every organization where business leaders learn to hone their craft and to care for each other with dignity and respect. A leader is best measured by the leaders they have grown – and I take great pride in that legacy. Let me add to that legacy with your team.

Select highlights of my career contributions and achievements thus far include:

  • Leadership Development: In my 31 years of leadership experience, I have led, taught, coach, and trained organizations as small as an 8-member team and as a large as 550-person global organization.

  • Lifelong Learner: Master of Art in Organizational Leadership, Gonzaga University and currently enrolled in the Department of Leadership Studies Ph.D. Program, Gonzaga University.

  • Learning Solutions: Authored the leadership development program for a global organization by leading a diverse, cross-functional team of designers and subject matter professionals. Well-versed in developing programs that ensure learning solutions integrate with and support organizational objectives.

  • High-Profile Relationship Management: Experienced in developing crucial stakeholder relationships between disparate organizations with similar goals and objectives, e.g., with United States Embassy, French contractors, Chadian government, and local populations to plan and implement large-scale, mission-critical human rights initiatives.