Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant for the Start-up and Small Business World

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Organizations are built on two things; Trust and Strong Teams. Those two things are developed and nurtured by empathetic leaders who value every aspect of their surroundings - let me help you map those surroundings from the individual to the team level, build a team of teams, and help you maintain a high-performing, efficient organization of caring leaders.



Our "why" is simple - we exist to help you be the best possible version of yourself - as a leader, a partner, a parent, a human being.

Coeus Umbrella Teams' mission is to enable Executive Leaders and Mid-level managers to be better people daily through impactful communications and collaborative planning. By building a culture of Leadership Development, Organizational Development, System Improvement, and Strategy Development Coeus Umbrella Team will empower any organization to accomplish its mission and achieve its vision.

At Coeus Umbrella Team, we believe people are the foundation of success. Trust is built by creating an environment where everyone has a shared understanding of the organization's goals and mission, everyone knows their ideas count toward decisions, and that everyone works in a safe environment of diversity and inclusion. Leaders build the Trust that provides that type of environment.

Using a Design methodology, the Coeus Umbrella Team will help your team overcome the challenges of today's world. Removing the unknown questions, Coeus will help your team develop a shared understanding of the future, create a short-term plan to achieve quick wins and immediate success, and develop a long-term strategy to ensure prosperity.

Image by Ian Schneider